Wall Warrior Costume For Men

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To The Winters, To The WallYou never know what evil might lurk outside of the wall. Sure, you’ve heard stories, but you’ve never seen the nightmarish threats yourself. It could just be the wild tribes of men and women that nomadically roam around in the winter wasteland. Of course, according to the legends, there is something much worse out there. If you think you’ve got what it takes to defend your kingdom then, by all means, grab this exclusive Men’s Wall Warrior Costume.Whether you’ve been sentenced to join the watch in shame or if you’ve enlisted in this noble cause with honor, everyone on the wall is equal. When the day finally comes and an evil force threatens to break through the wall and enter the realm, you will be the first line of defense. Be sure to sharpen not only your blade but your skills as well. However, we don’t see why you can’t have a night off to enjoy the Halloween festivities! Details Of Your WatchThis fun fantasy-themed ensemble is a creation fashioned by our very own costume design team. A black cape will cover your entire backside and keep you warm even on the coldest of nights on your watch. The faux suede tunic has the appearance of attire created in the days of old. A black skirt will easily go around your waist thanks to the fastener at the back of its waistband. The faux leather belt and a pair of stretch knit gloves are included with this ensemble.

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