Warrior Knight Costume for Girls | Exclusive | Made By Us

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A REAL PAL-ADINIn a world filled with fear and uncertainty, we all sometimes need a protector. We’re on the lookout for someone who can stand up against the darkness like a beacon of light, a pretty literal knight in shining armor. Well, naturally, it’s tough to find those armor-clad individuals who are willing to step up and brandish their blades versus the threats among us.But, rumors are that you know just the tyke knight who can change all of that! Perhaps she’s talked about the princes and princesses that she’s saved in the kingdoms just over the hill. Maybe there has been a dragon or two felled by her blade. Perhaps she’s just looking for the next or even first adventure that will help engrave her name into the history books. Well, we have our knighting blade and cape ready for the ceremony. FUN DETAILSIt’s time for your little lass to show the world just what a hero she can be and we’re happy to help with this Warrior Knight Girl’s Costume. This polyester-blend get-up includes a slate gray dress with the iconic lion shield crest that just roars nobility. It zips in the back for easy wear and has semi-sheer sleeves and armor appropriate pleating along the sequined trimmed base. Boot covers will transform her comfy sneakers into glad greaves, but it is the faux fur trimmed and hooded cape that will truly show the knightly strength on your tyke’s shoulders!A BRAND NEW GALAHADIt’s been a long while since we’ve had the safety of the knights of the round table working to deep doom back from our doorsteps. Charged by King Arthur and Queen Guinevere to keep the land secure, find the holy grail, take down the dread dragons, or even just inspire that courtly, cavalier attitude, your daring darling is just the knight we need. So, armor up and lets get questing!

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