Warthog Adult Costume

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Hog the AttentionWe’re not sure you’ve heard, but animal costumes are kind of all the rage, right now! But why go the obvious route and dress like a big cat or a mythical unicorn, especially when you can pretty much be guaranteed to be the only warthog at the party if you don this Adult Warthog Costume! Think about it: when’s the last time you encountered a warthog? It’s been a while, right?Your pals may just snort with joy at seeing you in this great getup! After all, you have never been one to judge a book by its cover. So although a warthog may not be the…prettiest…animal on the savanna, it’s among the smartest, most adaptive, and most courageous. Not a bad mixture, if you ask us! And baby warthogs are pretty stinkin’ cute (watch some videos of them if you don’t believe us). Just arm yourself with a few cool warthog facts as easy conversation starters-not that you’ll need them in this costume!Design & DetailsLet’s face it, a mediocre warthog costume just…won’t cut it. If you’re going to wear a bold look such as this, then it has to be done right! You don’t want people having to guess what you are-that’s embarrassing. Luckily, this costume is Made by Us, and we understand the important of detail and authenticity! The brown jumpsuit is soft to wear, and has rounded hips and darker brown accents at the belly and “hooves.” Meanwhile, the hood has a warthog’s face, ears, and tusks, and looks so lifelike, no one will have to guess which cool creature you are dressed as.Snout On the TownYou know that saying to go “out on the town?” Yeah, well, you’re about to turn that on it’s head. Give your night a bit of fun with this unique costume, which will add surprise and delight to whatever the evening holds!

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