Weed Doctor Costume for Men

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All Natural TreatmentSometimes, the simplest solution to a problem is the most natural one! You know… instead of synthetically manufactured chemicals to make you feel better, you could partake in something that comes straight from Mother Earth. Something… green. Have you ever heard anything like that?Well, this fine, very chill doctor has heard of something you might want to know about! He’s got the perfect prescription for everything that ails you! He’s ready to showcase the benefits of “going green,” and he’s definitely got the outfit to prove it!Product DetailsAre you ready to proclaim the benefits of “herbal healing” to the masses? Then it’s time for this Men’s Weed Doctor Costume! The hilarious and sexy outfit is perfect for anyone who’s all about that green life. The costume comes with a white jumpsuit that stretches for a form fit. The front of the costume has snap closures and green trim, including bright green crosses near the shoulders.The final piece to this costume comes in the form of a simple, bright green belt. Just snap it around your waist, and you’ll be ready to administer some special treatments of the green variety. Heck, even the doctor needs a little treatment for himself, right?

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