Western Sheriff Men’s Costume

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SHERIFFS If you think being a sheriff looks like a hard job now, just look at how hard it must’ve been back in the wild west! We can think of few jobs in the wild west that would be more difficult. Back in those times, outlaws and bandits were running amuck all over the west. The only people with the power to deal with them were the sheriffs.When the bandits rolled into town and tried to rob the bank, who faced them in a duel out in the street? The sheriff. When outlaws tried to steal 100 head of cattle from a local rancher, who gathered a posse and gave chase? The sheriff. When you are the sheriff of a little western town, there is no telling what kind of trouble you might run into. The only thing you know for sure is that it is your job to clean it up. FUN DETAILS This costume will turn you into a sheriff out patrolling in the wild west! You’ll be wearing a black vest with a white undershirt front. It has a red tie and a fake pearl pin attached. Over the vest and shirtfront, you’ll be wearing a long black coat. The faux suede duster jacket is an essential part of any wild west sheriff costume. Last but not least, comes your badge. The badge is the source of your power and states your authority to any bandits who try to mess with your town. Don’t lose your badge! A SHERIFF NEEDS A DEPUTYWhen you become a sheriff, you might find that you want a deputy to help you out. Why not grab one of your good friends and dress them up as your deputy? The two of you together can handle any outlaws that you might encounter. Just don’t forget your guns!

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