Westward Pioneer Girl’s Costume

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Westward, ho!So, your daughter has played every version of “Oregon Trail” on your computer and is now ready for the real thing, eh? You’ve already bought her the best covered wagon money could buy: a 19th century Prairie schooner, the vehicle of choice for folks traveling west. And you bought her a first-rate team of six oxen to pull it. (You’d never trust those cantankerous mules, like some folks!) You’ve loaded her up with a good 150 pounds of flour, 30 pounds of biscuits, 100 pounds of bacon and, of course, 50 pounds of lard. Then there’s her plow and her shovel, her Dutch oven (which is very important, since she’s not old enough to use a real oven by herself yet), her rake, her hoe, her saw, her mallet and all the tools she’ll need to repair her wagon wheels or axle. You’ve packed epsom salts in case she contracts dysentery and some bandages in case she breaks an arm. She has her bedding and her blankets. Now all she needs is the proper clothing!Product detailsPrepare your little pioneer for her long journey with this Kid’s Westward Pioneer Costume. The exclusive costume comes with a shirt and a skirt that are both modeled after authentic 1800s styles. The white long-sleeved shirt features a collar, buttons and trim, along with a cute pattern throughout. Meanwhile, the brown skirt is floor length and hardy enough for whatever river she’ll need to ford. Both come with a zipper in the back for easy wear.How the west was wonWhether your daughter ready to head west in her covered wagon and stake a claim somewhere in Oregon’s wild, uncharted territory, or she just gets really, really into character when playing “Oregon Trail,” this costume is perfect for next wild west adventure!

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