Where’s Waldo Men’s Costume

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The Eternal QuestionIt must be tough traveling with Waldo. The guy always seems to wander off on some extraordinary adventures at every opportunity and it’s almost impossible to keep track of him in a crowd (we know because we’ve tried)! Everyone is always asking where the guy is! On the other hand… BEING Waldo seems like it would be pretty fun. The guy has the opportunity to head to wondrous locations. In fact, he’s been to just about every famous location on Earth and he’s even traveled back to the past! He also gets to meet some of the most interesting people on the planet (one of his best friends is a wizard). Yes, that wacky Waldo is the perfect traveler and if you want to be just like him, then you’re going to need this Where’s Waldo Costume!Product DetailsThis officially licensed costume brings a look that comes straight from the Martin Handford books. It starts with a long-sleeve shirt with the classic red and white stripe pattern that Waldo wears everywhere. It has a tie in the back of the neck to help adjust the fitting. It also comes with the matching beanie hat with a pompom on top. It stretches to fit, so one size fits most. The black frame glasses are lensless and fit on your face to finish off the look. Just pair this costume with your favorite pair of jeans and a pair of brown shoes and you’ll be ready to head on a crazy globetrotting adventure.For Your Next TripThe next trip you take, travel like a pro! Put this Waldo costume on and you’ll be ready to head to the Pyramids of Giza or maybe you could make friends with a wizard who can take you back to the time of the dinosaurs!

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