White Fedora Mobster Costume Hat Accessory

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GANGSTERSGangsters, despite their dangerous habits and illegal tendencies, were some well-dressed dudes. Whenever you watch an old mafia movie, these guys were always dressed extremely well, walking around in classy suits and nice hats. That’s why, if you are dressing up as a mobster, you need to do the exact same! This hat is essential for anyone looking to dress for a life of crime. Without a fedora, you could be just another guy in a suit. But with this fedora, people will know that you are a man that is up to no good, and there is nothing that they can do about it. FUN DETAILS This fedora says two things about a man. 1: This man has a sense for high-end fashion. 2. This mobster doesn’t need to get his own hands dirty. Why else would wear a white hat? This mobster must have quite the army of henchmen, he doesn’t do his own dirty work. WELCOME TO THE FAMILYWhen you watch old mafia movies, crime was always a family affair. We think that you should make it the same. Grab your family or friends and have them dress up with you, and together you can rule the trick or treating route through your neighborhood. NO ONE gets by without getting a piece of candy, no one!

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