Witch Guard Kids Costume

377,00 kr.

Color: Gray/Red
Material: Polyester
Condition: new
Brand: Fun costumes
Merchant: Fun.com
Network: Commission Junction

Til butik


*Scary Chanting* Being a henchman for a scary sorceress who rules the surrounding fairyland through fear and oppression has its perks. Sure, your boss is kind of a jerk, but every Friday is Donut Day in the guard’s break room! You get to learn cool chants and sing them as you march back and forth in front of the witch’s moat. And when a little girl from the midwest United States (wherever that is) lands a house on the sorceress’s sister and then melts the sorceress herself with a bucket of water, you’re free to use your talents for good! And now you know why the sorceress never took a bath. Product DetailsPractice your marching skills! This exclusive Kids Witch Guard Costume will make you look fearsome and impressive. The frock coat is made of gray polyester velvet trimmed with faux fur at the shoulders (to keep you warm in the witch’s chilly castle) and has red braid edging around the collar. Red overlay makes the jacket’s bottom half look super impressive when you march to one side of the bridge, spin around, and march to the other side. The matching vest is trimmed with silver-toned faux metal studs to keep any cowardly lions from wanting to take a chomp out of you. Fur-lined boot tops and gray gloves match the busby-style hat. The Best Guard AnywhereNo one can keep you from fulfilling your job….but you were never warned about guarding against letting the sorceress get wet. Oh well. Time to explore other options. Maybe a friendly scarecrow needs a bodyguard?

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