Wizard Costume Hat for Adults

57,00 kr.

Til butik


We tried our hand at magic once. As it turns out, it’s not quite as easy as all the movies make it look. The wizards just wave their wand in the air to cast all sorts of magical spells. We tried that, but when you flail your arms around while holding a small wand in your hands, the only thing it does is make you look like some kind of lunatic. (On a side note, chanting random latin words also does not let you cast magical spells.) We thought about giving up our dreams of being a wizard, but decided that dressing up like a wizard was the next best thing… and voila! This adult wizard hat was born!This adult wizard hat is for all us poor saps who don’t have a magical bone in our bodies! You see, it’s covered with plenty of shiny silver stars to make non-wizard types look like master sorcerers. Just plop it on your head and everyone will think you can conjure up the most amazing spells, whether or not you possess any magical skills!

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