Women’s Clara Barton Plus Size Costume

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Angel of the BattlefieldLife as a soldier in the Civil War was pretty brutal. The conditions were awful. Any injury could be life-threatening and medical care was scant. With these dismal circumstances, it’s no wonder that the capable Clara Barton was known as the angel of the battlefield! She would go out to distribute life-saving care, washing wounds, changing bandages, offering water and soup to the miserable soldiers in the muck and smoke. Her courage on the battlefield was famous. This led the way to make sure women could take on the role of battlefield nurse with an element of respect. After the war, Ms. Barton traveled to Switzerland, learning about all the good the European Red Cross was doing. She came home determined to open an American sector of The Red Cross. She worked with fellow famous friends such as Fredrick Douglas to make her vision a reality. Clara Barton continued to devote herself to life-saving medical outreach until she retired at the ripe old age of 83. We hope she got a chance to spend a few years with her feet up and a tropical drink in your hand!Design & DetailsThis historical Made By Us Clara Barton costume was designed by our in-house creative team. The floor-length blue poplin gown has a built-in petticoat and it zips up the back. A white apron with a red cross on the chest ties around your waist for a neat look. Matching white cuffs slip over the billowy sleeves for a battle field-ready look. Topped off with a white bonnet, this costume is ready for historical reenactments and costume parties, alike!History in MotionAre you ready to take on the iconic role of Clara Barton? Pair this with historical costumes such as civil war uniforms or characters such as Fredrick Douglas and you’ll be ready to tell Clara Barton’s epic tale!

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