Women’s Deluxe Olive Oyl Costume

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Shine Like OylBeing so beautiful can be exhausting. Just ask Olive Oyl, she has a whole song asking why is she so beautiful. All the women envy her and all the men want her. If you think you can handle all of that then we have the perfect costume for you!Check out this exclusive Deluxe Olive Oyl Costume Dress. Once you toss on this lovely ensemble, you’ll be the most beloved animated female character across the seven seas. However, Olive isn’t only loved for her looks. It’s her quirky and genuine personality that we all really love about her. So, be sure to let your own personality shine this Halloween too!Product DetailsAll the sailors are going to brawl for the chance to have a dance with you this Halloween when you toss on this officially licensed Made By Us product. This costume has everything needed to transform you into the lovable Olive Oyl. Start your wardrobe change with the long-sleeved red top. It is designed with white lace cuffs and a matching collar. Next, add the black skirt. It is made to go just past your knees and features a yellow strip that goes around the skirt near the hemline.This costume also comes with a pair of clip-on earrings designed to look like the rounded gold-toned earrings Miss Oyl typically adds to her ensemble. Finally, you can top off this retro cartoon transformation with the included Olive Oyl wig. It will give you a beautiful head of black hair. Have your special someone dress up as the famous Popeye and the two of you will be a hit at this year’s costume party!

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