Women’s Deluxe Pennywise Dress Costume

409,00 kr.

Til butik


A Pennywise for your ThoughtsPennywise gets a bad wrap but let’s be clear, this is a clown that knows your innermost thoughts. While this clown is hanging out in the sewers, waiting for the next fear feast, she’s soaking up the fears that people put out there. All the nightmares, all the shrieks in the scary movies, all the things that make people bolt from a dimly lit room for seemingly no reason, all of that goes into Pennywise’s accounts. When it’s time to wake up and break that decades-long fast, Pennywise is ready to put all those fearsome smarts to use. Much like real clowns, this is an entity that really knows how to put on a performance. IT’s timing is rather perfect. Whether popping out from the sewers or appearing under the bleachers, this timeless entity is ready to scare people out of their wits. Ready to put Penny’s fearsome wisdom to use for yourself? This costume is sure to make an impression on anyone you meet!Product DetailsThis structured Pennywise costume is sure to put on a horrific performance this Halloween! The dress has a dropped waist with pom-poms up the front like the costume in the newest rendition of Stephen King’s awesome haunted adventure. A flouncy skirt with gray tulle underneath gives this costume extra pop. Puffed sleeves with attached tulle give you even more eerie clownish vibes. Topped off with layered gray tulle ruff, this costume is sure to make an impact on your Halloween parties this year!Hiss and MakeupAre you ready to step into Pennywise’s shoes? You’re sure to love dressing up as one of the most popular and terrifying clowns out there? Top off this costume with one of our Pennywise makeup kits and a wild orange clown to make sure people are properly respectful of your fearsome power!

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