Women’s Mrs. Claus Deluxe Costume | Christmas Costume

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Hosting Christmas parties is an art. The thing is, believe it or not, some people don’t actually get into the holiday cheer immediately. Some people need a little nudge. So, a great Christmas hostess will need to be prepared. This means having a variety of fresh and delicious drinks, a balanced ratio of sweet and salty snacks, and plenty of light-hearted anecdotes to make people feel at ease. The most epic holiday hostess of all time? Good ol’ Mrs. Claus!Mrs. Claus has a huge staff of elves that have been working overtime to bring joy to the world, they deserve a rocking holiday party more than any other earthly residents. Plus, this isn’t her first Christmas rodeo. She’s been doing this for over five hundred years and everytime the party gets more extravagant. The first one was pretty low key as everyone waited for Santa to get back. Shivers the elf played the fiddle as everyone sipped on eggnog and ate figgy pudding. Now, the menu is close to ridiculous. There’s a fountain of minty hot chocolate, a footlong salted nut roll, and hand-dipped chocolate truffles continuously rolling by on the conveyor belts. Shivers the elf is still there, playing the fiddle but now he’s been joined by six other elves for a band that rocks Santa’s workshop like no band has before. You might not have access to a hundred elves to party with this year but you might be able to channel the ultimate hostess in this gorgeous Mrs. Claus costume. The dress is ankle legnth with a thick white faux fur trim around the hem, wrists, and collar. It’s topped off with a white lace-trimmed apron, a ruffled flat top bonnet, and those classic wire-rim glasses. You might not have a hot chocolate fountain but when you’re rocking this look, you’ll certainly impress your guests this year!

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