Women’s Plus Size Sharkboy and Lavagirl Sharkboy Costume

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Invent a New AttackIf you’re a fan of comics and superheroes, you are already well aware of the fact that the typical aquatic characters are rather viewed as the comedic entries of the hero world. Most of their powers are pretty limited to functioning only while in the depths and, even then, they typically have something questionable like launching a school of goldfish at the baddie of the week. Let’s face it: even regular folks with no superpowers aren’t going to be affected by yelling, “Go, fish!”But, there is one pretty solid exception. Sharkboy is an aquatic superhero that doesn’t limit himself to watery wonders. Sure, he’s going to beat anyone in laps at the favorite swimming spot, but he’s pretty tough out of the H2O, too. Strong as can be and he can even fire off jets of water when he’s in lava land! But, of all his talents, that powerful jaw is something to remember! Not many are going to be biting through steel cages, but Sharkboy has no such limitations! All we need is a creative soul to take those abilities to the next level.Fun DetailsTeam up with Lavagirl and become the ultimate in aquatic heroes when you dress up in this officially licensed Sharkboy costume! This is a Made by Us look that our in-house design team couldn’t wait to complete. The grey jumpsuit has a stretchy fit and printed details and stitching to make it look like you stepped right off the movie set. Foam keeps the armor’s structure sound while matching gauntlets and boot covers complete the look. Team Up Time!Once you have mastered all of your aquatic and biting powers with this Sharkboy costume, you’ll want to figure out a team attack that will help you keep Drool safe from the forces of evil. Fortunately, Lavagirl is waiting right here, too, and the two of you can achieve anything!

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