Womens Plus Size Starflower Hippie Costume

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Have a Hippie Halloween!Do you want to change things up this Halloween, but you’re not quite sure what to do? Well, why not spread the peace and love this year? It doesn’t always need to be about the creepy and scary, and you can prove that when you show up to all the costume parties in this groovy Starflower Hippie Costume. You’ll give everyone a trip back to the 60s with this flower-powered dress!The best thing about this costume is all of the cool lingo you get to use when you wear it. You get to say things like ‘far out’ and ‘whoa’ all the time. One thing you have to remember is to add ‘man’ to the end of every sentence, man. Once you get the jargon down, you’ll have no problem bringing the hippie movement back to life this Halloween.These Threads are Outta SightThis tank-style mini dress is covered from top to bottom with an abundance of trippy flowers printed over a black background. It is designed with a high waist and open shoulders as well so you can feel the cool breeze when you’re running free through the party scene. The neckline and waistline are accented with fringed bands of faux suede. The bell sleeves are flared and there is also an appliqued peace sign at the waist. The costume includes a headband decorated with daisies that has elastic at the back to ensure a perfect fit. Also, there is a zipper located on the back of the dress.Good Vibes and Good TimesBe the grooviest one in the party scene when you toss on this Starflower Hippie Costume. You’ll look like you just got done living it up at Woodstock and you’re ready to keep the party going. Spread those good vibes this Halloween and save the scares for another day!

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