Women’s Red Phoenix Jumpsuit Costume

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The Hidden ForceSome people just have hidden powers. Take Jean Grey, for example. For years, she thought she was an ordinary mutant… or at least, as ordinary as a mutant can be! Moving objects with her mind seemed pretty normal when the leader of the team can shoot energy beams out of his eyes. She quickly learned that her power was much greater than she could have ever imagined. It wasn’t until later that she discovered that she was the host for the Phoenix Force, a near-limitless source of cosmic energy.We’re not saying that you’re packing the Phoenix Force inside of you… but hey, you never know. And if you do happen to be harboring some serious cosmic energy inside, then you’re going to want the outfit to match your powers. This Red Phoenix Costume is perfect for any X-Men fan who’s ready to channel their powers.Fun DetailsInspired by the classic Dark Phoenix comic book stories, this Phoenix Costume recreates Jean Grey’s outfit during her time as the Phoenix. The jumpsuit is made out of a shimmering red material and fits with a zipper in the back. Jumpsuit even has fully enclosed gloves attached to the sleeves, so no need for extra gloves. The waist sash is a bright gold material, which matches the Phoenix symbol on the front. It’s even officially licensed from Marvel Comics! Just pair it up with one of our red wigs to get Jean’s signature look from the comic books!X-Men UniteWhen you’re dressed up as the Phoenix, you might be tempted to use your cosmic powers to cause great destruction, but we recommend teaming up with the rest of the X-Men to protect the universe from devastation. Be sure to check out our full selection of X-Men costumes to create the perfect team!

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