Women’s Sexy Flash Costume

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Got a superhero situation in mind? We think it’s time to just speed around to save the day! Of course, when it comes to comic book characters, there’s few (if any) that are faster than The Flash. This hero has been starring in the comic book pages of DC Comics for years, and now he’s a star in TV shows and at the movies, too.But we think it’s time for another important thing to happen in this character’s evolution. We think he should be played by a woman. And we’ve even got someone in mind for the part. Yup, it’s you!You can “flash around” and save the day as this fleet-of-foot hero when you get this Women’s Sexy Flash Costume. It’s styled based on the classic character unfirom, but styled just right for ladies with a short skirt and coordinating tights. The character logo (a lighning bolt!) is featured on the chest as a patch, and this ensemble also includes gloves and an eye mask, too! Everything you need to get your start as a comic book hero.This costume is DC officially licensed from Rubies Costume Company. Be sure to check out all of our Superhero Costumes for other DC and Marvel licensed looks for your date or group of friends. Because the only thing better than one speedy hero, is two or three!

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