Women’s Sexy Jailbird Costume

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The Great EscapeAh, so you’re in the clink. You seem like a pretty resourceful person. We bet you can escape! We’ve done a little research for you. Ok, how about this. In 1964, three fellas dug through the walls of Alcatraz with a metal spoon. They left paper mache decoys in their beds to make the guards think they were fast asleep in bed. That’s pretty cute. Anyway, they floated away in a boat made of stolen raincoats. Crafty! There’s another story about a con man who made guards think that he was an undercover inspector of prisons and eventually got them to give him a day pass. He then proceeded to just walk away and disappear for two months of freedom. You could escape via laundry shoot, sneak out in a laundry cart, or learn to become a contortionist. Either way, we’re sure it’ll only be a matter of time before you’re a free bird!Costume DetailsThis fitted prisoner costume will make you feel fabulous. The featured dress has a mid-drift that’s bared on the sides and connected with a ring in the middle. The sides of the skirt and the sleeves are tied for a sassy touch. The skirt has clips that can connect to thigh-high stockings. Ready to attempt your great escape? Slip into these stripes and find out!Future ProofNow that you have your escape plan ready, you should start planning your bright future. What are you going to do once you’re out? Oh, head to a Halloween party? Brilliant plan! Your prison uniform is sure to blend right in there. Want to team up for a group costume? Check out the rest of our prison costumes in different sizes and styles to create a group look that’s sure to stand out at any costumed event! Go ahead and change into your stripes and escape from your everyday self with pride!

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