Womens Sexy Princess Leia Costume

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So, you’re trying to amp up your style a bit in life. You’ve been seeking for a new look for some time, something that says, “I’m in control of my life…and…I’m hot!” Well, good news! Strength is sexy. Confidence is charming. Being a fierce, smart, capable woman in control is nothing short of intoxicating.In other words, this Women’s Sexy Princess Leia Costume is just the thing for your total transformation. Gone is the shy girl in the library! Say farewell to the part of you that let’s everyone else decide what to do on a Friday night. Now that you’re channeling the best character of all time your friends may be surprised to see the new side of you–the side that doesn’t take #%@& from anyone. And that’s Leia alright. How many princesses do you know that also become Generals? Look, we know Leia is amazing; you know Leia is amazing. That’s why we have met here, in this costume that celebrates Leia’s practically universal appeal and amazingness. Now, this look isn’t Leia’s day-to-day wear, but even princesses/generals have to let down their hair from time to time (it’s an expression, we know the hairstyle is part of her charm) and party it up.So, snatch up this white turtleneck dress and flaunt its high leg slit to a costume bash, along with the included belt and iconic wig. Your pals will likely do a double-take to see you show so much force–and skin! But the truth is, when you’re looking for an icon of personal power, you can’t go wrong with Leia. If you find your Han Solo tonight, perfect. If you don’t, eh well–we all know he can’t really keep up with you, anyway.

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