Women’s Sexy White Universe Soldier Costume | Sexy Space Princess Costumes

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The Only HopeThe galaxy is in turmoil! A ruthless regime has seized power and it seems as though no one is left to stand in its way. But they haven’t counted on the galaxy’s princess, who will do anything and everything she can to stop them! If it means teaming up with vigilantes and outlaws, she’s happy to do it, and she can wield a pretty mean blaster herself.Product DetailsYou’ll be star struck for this Sexy Universe Soldier Costume for Women! The soft white midriff top has a sheer overlay with a mock turtleneck collar over the scoop neckline. Its long sleeves are fitted to the elbows before flaring out into wide bells. The ankle-length skirt has an elastic waistband and features a long slit up each side. The waistline has belt loops through which to thread the silver-tone belt that dips down slightly in the front.Battle GearSpace is a vast place. You never know if you’re going to end up on a gaseous planet with floating cities, or on an asteroid with hostile creatures who would very much like to eat you. That’s why it’s important to wear an outfit that is equal to any situation. You may be asking yourself, “Wouldn’t it be better to wear armor?” Of course not. Armor isn’t nearly as fabulous as this two-piece ensemble, which has the ability to stop your enemies in their tracks. While they’re still in awe of how amazing you look, you can easily overpower them.

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