Wonderful Alice Costume for Girls

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Your Little Day TripperIs your little one a daydreamer? Do you often find her lost in thought? Maybe she is running through the meadows of her mind. She could be drifting off into a wonderland of her own creation. Give your kiddo the perfect outfit to bring her wonderland to life this Halloween. This Wonderful Alice Costume for girls will make your child as adorable as a storybook character. She’ll love running around the neighborhood collecting sweet treats and making tons of friends with colorful and unique characters. Maybe she’ll meet a hatter that’s gone mad, an overly punctual white rabbit, and a cat with a devious smile. It may not seem like the best crew to run with but trust us, with them by her side, adventure will always around the corner. Design & DetailNow then, this costume comes as an easy 3-piece outfit, but there is so much more you can do to make this getup one-of-a-kind. Your little one’s transformation will start when she tosses on this beautiful satin blue dress. It is as bright and vibrant as a clear blue sky. The ruffled sleeves and hem of the dress add a hint of playfulness to the costume. Next, continuing this wonderful new look is a fun white apron. It has a thin black outline that is surrounded by an even more playful frill. Finally, you can top this outfit off with the included black bow headband. It completes this costume in a perfect manner with a hint of fanciful fashion. Add a pair of white gloves or some white tights along with a cute pair of black flats to make this getup more unique.Made With Your Dreamer in MindYour little one can look like an adorable adventurer ready to travel through a dreamland full of wonder this Halloween. Created by our own costume design department, we assure you that this costume is made by daydreamers for daydreamers.

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