Wooly Lamb Costume for Toddlers

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They say that each season has two different ways to come in and go out. Either like a lion or like a lamb. The lion is, of course, aggressive. Furious. Temperamental. Loud. It can be a bit intimating and can often send us hiding in our homes, hoping that the vicious weather will pass and we might be brought into a more comfortable day as soon as possible. The lamb, of course, is the latter. It is calm and pleasant. It is a peaceful transition that makes us happy to see the new season. We want to be outside and enjoying the change and the wonderful comfort that it brings us.The same can be said of our little tykes. It is pretty rare that they are simply in a neutral mood. They’re either hard core lions of destruction and raging tantrums or make us look at them like it is the first time we’ve ever seen something so sweet and loving. Now, if only they had a clearer switch that’d help us figure out how to balance that out (or at least keep them on lamb)!At least for a while, we can try to help negotiate that a tad with this Toddler Woolly Lamb costume. This one-piece polyester jumpsuit is in an off-white chenille shell and features an adorable black ribbon at the front neckline. The cuffs and legs are black and woolly, imitating the hooves of the little lamb. Bring the hood up to finish the transformation and reveal the cute tufts of ears. The entire outfit fastens in the front with Hook and Loop fastener, so you needn’t fear pulling it off while you bring in your little lamb for all the cuddles you can muster. Just make sure you don’t hit that “Lion Switch!”

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