Yu-Gi-Oh! Yugi Costume for Men

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The Top Deck KingIsn’t it a little fishy? In every episode of the anime series, the same thing happens to Yugi. He gets himself caught up in an epic card duel, sometimes he even gets involved in life or death situations that hinge on a single card game. Then, his opponent has him on the ropes. It looks like Yugi will be defeated… but then, something miraculous happens. The very next card on the top of his deck just happens to be the EXACT card he needed to win the game.We’ve played a ton of games of Yu-Gi-Oh! Usually, when we’re in a tight spot, the card on the top of the deck is a Dancing Elf. We didn’t even put a Dancing Elf in our deck, but somehow, that’s our top deck! Maybe the Heart of the Cards just isn’t with us! Well, maybe you’ll have some better luck as the one and only Yugi from the anime series!Fun DetailsThis Yu-Gi-Oh! Yugi costume transforms you into the extremely lucky character from the anime. It comes with everything you need, starting with blue jacket that fits like a cape. It snaps onto the black, sleeveless shirt, which is made out of a spandex blend material. The choker is adjustable and made out of a faux leather material. The costume also comes with 2 more faux leather belts that fit around your waist. Finally, you get a Millennium Puzzle necklace to bring the whole look together! Put it all together and you’ll be ready to duel in no time!Let’s Duel!We might not be the best at duels, but we know that an authentic look based on the anime might just help you win a game or two. And if you happen to figure out how Dancing Elf keeps making it into our deck… let us know!

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