Yugi Men’s Costume Yu-Gi-Oh!

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Activate the PuzzleWe have to wonder what kind of magic we must possess to be able to watch Yugi Muto as he plays the amazing game of the ancients and channels the mysterious power within the Millenium Puzzle. Clearly, nobody else notices the power of Yami binding with Yugi as they work to unleash the power within the heart of the cards. Yet, strangely, we can. Does that mean that we have a mysterious link to the Shadow Realm and the magic of the ancients of Yu-Gi-Oh!?It’s time to try to solve a bit more than just the puzzle medallion that Yugi wears throughout the anime and manga. With even more incarnations of Yu-Gi-Oh! on the way, we’re coming in just the right time to know exactly how this all works. For once, you can enjoy the excitement of the card game, the deeper truth of the Shadow Realm, and even some of the transformations for real. It’s time to call on the Millenium Puzzle and commune with the Pharaoh! Design & DetailsTransform into the titular character of your favorite anime series when you dress up in this Yami Yugi costume from Yu-Gi-Oh! In a way, you’re getting two costumes in one with this Made by Us look, designed in our in-house studios. This full ensemble includes a dark, sleeveless shirt and a poplin jacket that you can snap to the shirt to wear on your back, just like Yami does in the most exciting of matches. Belts, bracelets, and chokers abound, of course, but the Millenium Puzzle necklace truly brings Yugi Muto and Yami Yugi together in this look! Call on the CardsAll know the true power lies within the heart of the cards. Of course, having the Millenium Puzzle in this Yami Yu-Gi-Oh! costume might help you awaken just a bit more. Get ready for some serious magic this Halloween and transform for real!

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