Zombie Bride Girls Costume

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Here Comes the…Eeek!Your girl’s wedding day is something you’ve dreamed about since she was born. But this is turning out to be more of a nightmare! Don’t panic. Your child has just picked this Girl’s Zombie Bride Costume for her Halloween look this year. That’s it. Breathe in, breathe out. Here, let us take that paper bag from you now. Better? Great!So, no, your little love is not ready to walk down the aisle. And you don’t have to find a way to make a zombie-in-law fit into your family Christmas photo. But you do have to appreciate how realistic this costume is. Your child even had you fooled that she had been transformed into a zombie bride! Now that you know it’s all just pretend, maybe you want to get in on the fun. A Zombie Mother of the Bride look, perhaps? Or maybe it’s time to deck the whole family out like the undead this Halloween!Product DetailsThis costume is absolutely ghastly, in the best possible way! It’s a tattered silvery-gray gown that hints of luxury…in bygone days. A crushed velvet bodice features a column of faux pearls, and the lace and mesh overlay makes the skirt somehow both pretty and eerie. The same goes for the sleeves! A red fabric rose adorns the waist, along with red spl ashes that look positively bloody. The veil matches the dress, and your child’s grayish skin, if she’s done her makeup right!A Vow for NowYour gal isn’t ready to say her “I do”s just yet (phew!), but she is fully committed to one vow this Halloween: not to break zombie character. We admire her Halloween spirit!

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