Bendy and the Ink Machine Girl’s Alice Angel Classic Costume

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A Light in the DarkEvery time a twisted cartoon character jumped out of the shadows you jumped right along with your child. As they toured the spooky video game world of Bendy and the Ink Machine you whispered caution at every corner and cheered at each minor victory. When your child completed the chilling story, you sighed with relief; glad to have joined them on their journey, but happier that the “kid-friendly” nightmare was over. However, the next thing you knew, your child had booted up chapter two.Your child flashed you a smile and patted the couch welcoming you back into the terrifying world of Bendy and his friends. Luckily, as you and your kiddo’s skin crawled while attempting to escape another haunted location, you both found a small bit of comfort in a new character. Alice Angel stared out from posters and sat smiling in deserted rooms, encouraging just a little extra bravery from your child and their nervous audience (you). Her glowing halo and happy eyes carried just enough charm to distract from her suspicious devil horns and evil real-life counterparts.Product DetailsLet your child bring their favorite video game sweetheart to life with this Bendy and the Ink Machine Girls Alice Angel Classic Costume. Inspired by the cartoon character as her animators intended this officially licensed outfit is a spooktacular option for Halloween or your child’s first video game convention. The costume starts with an inky black velvet dress with cold-shoulder sleeves that will give your child the look of wearing full-length opera gloves. A pair wrist-length, satin gloves are designed to look like classic cartoon hands with stuffed and rolled cuffs. The included headband completes the costume by providing your child with Alice’s signature halo and horns.Brave AngelWhether they’re ready to dive back into the eerie world of Bendy and the Ink Machine or looking for a unique character to trick-or-treat as, this classic Alice Angel costume is great for your brave little gamer!

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