Black Panther Shuri Costume for Girls

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Lab ExpertBeing the princess of a secret country is a big task. Fortunately, you can help your people and enjoy your favorite pursuits thanks to your state-of-the-art laboratory. Here, you can develop amazing technological updates that harness the untold power of vibranium and help your brother to be the best Black Panther he can be (unless he wears sandals into your lab.) Anyone who tries to steal Wakanda’s vibranium and use it to attack the rest of the world will have to go through you first! Product DetailsStand up to Killmonger and help save Wakanda when you wear this officially licensed Black Panther Shuri Girl’s Costume! The sleeveless polyester jumpsuit fastens at the center back and is printed all over with purple, gray and gold graphics that resemble Shuris’ battle suit. A gauzy brown sash is sewn around the hips and decorated with a silver-tone ornament at the front of the waist. The felt-backed arm bands fasten around your biceps and the felt-backed gauntlets stay in place via attached elastic bands. Once you’re dressed, all you’ll need to complete your outfit is real vibranium. Into Battle Uncomfortable corsets and elaborate headresses are for special ceremonies. When you’re fighting for your country, you need something a little more relaxed that will allow you to protect your friends and be your brother’s right-hand warrior. When you’re not devising amazing inventions in your private laboratory, this outfit is exactly what you need! Unfortunately, the gauntlets do not actually give you the ability to blast attackers into the stratosphere.

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