Busy Beaver Adult Costume

377,00 kr.

Til butik


We know that you work hard for a living. You support yourself and your family. You ensure that the family pet eats roughly as well as the rest of you—sometimes a bit better, let’s be honest. A 10-hour day is nothing you haven’t experienced before and, heck, some of you might even yearn for something so easy! It’s rough! You need a vacation. You’ve gotta let loose and let your wild side run rampant or this day job business is going to drive you batty!Well, while we do have plenty of bat-related products available, they do tend to go so far outside of what folks are used to that flight is generally the first thing people try. And, while our bat suits obviously support flight mechanics, there is a long learning curve before we recommend anyone actually try a glide, much less a full off-the-cliff lift-off sort of scenario. Instead, we recommend beginning with a wild animal that is a little more closely related to what you’ve become accustomed to. You can branch out from there easily!So, we recommend you start with this Busy Beaver costume. They’re the hardest working animals in the den building business between their twig gathering, tail smacking, and all that gnawing! Now, admittedly, you might be thinking, “Hey! I thought y’all said I needed a vacation!? What’s this busy stuff all about!” Well, it is because it is just about time for the world-wide beaver relaxation extravaganza! You’ll be just in time for some river-side resting in this brown velour jumpsuit and large quilted tail. The soft sculpted hood has an adorable buck-toothed grin and happy eyes that will have you blending into the crowd with ease. Reap the rewards from your long years of work. Just remember to nod and smile when the woodchucks come waddling by. They can spot a fake!

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