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Enchanted FashionistaOh…haven’t you heard? Witches are so en vogue right now. Gone are the days where casting spells meant being cast out of society. Old-fashioned ideas-that to be a witch, one must dress in all black, be covered in warts (ew!), and have a crooked nose, green skin, or (the worst bit) an ill-fitting, shapeless robe-are way out of date. Now, knowing your way around a cauldron and wielding a wand are likely to land you a feature in Beautiful Brew-the leading fashion magazine for witches.Good thing your little style savvy spell-caster has this Cauldron Cutie Costume for Girls. A fashion-forward gal like her wouldn’t want to be wearing last season’s witch’s garb, now would she? As if! No, this gorgeous look is both magical and a la mode; made especially for today’s young witches, who are proving to be little powerhouses of potions, spells, enchantments, and style! Product DetailsThis gorgeous dress is a vibrant purple hue, and features cute puffed sleeves, a faux-laced bodice in bright blue, a flared skirt, and black velvet detailing. There is a sheer mesh overlay on the skirt, as well as a spooky-chic, Halloween-ready scene of twisted trees, bats, ghosts, tombstones, and a haunted house along the hem! But somehow, it all really works to create an aptly eerie effect that raises the hair on the back of your neck and gives you goosebumps in just the right way. Seeing this frightening-yet-feminine frock reminds you that you are in the presence of greatness. In case there is any question whether this dress belongs to a witch, the signature pointed cap boasts black velvet and a matching purple brim!The October IssueWhile some fashion magazines unveil new trends and editorial looks in September, Beautiful Brew debuts their fashion-forward fall trends in October (no surprise there). Also not a huge shock: the editors have asked your gal to be the cover model, dressed in this cute and chic costume!

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