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Colonial CostumeNowadays you can order a burrito to your living room by pulling the computer out of your pocket and giving a delivery app your address. In stark contrast, getting by in Colonial times was much more difficult. But those brave settlers did what they had to to make new, promising lives for themselves and their kin. If you have a daughter who admires this period of American history, this Colonial Girl Costume for Kids is her chance to assume the role of a pioneer girl!Design & DetailsYour daughter will be ready to tackle the 18th century and all its hardships in this modest and fun Kid’s Colonial Girl Costume. A full ensemble, it comes with the dress, apron, bonnet, and the scarf! The calico dress has a back zipper and the dress has a wide hemline ruffle. Best yet, it’s one of our Made By Us exclusives, so you can sleep well after a hard day’s work knowing that this costume was made in-house with love and care. In it, your little one will be ready to play Pilgrim in no time.You Deserve a BreakWhile many of us have the luxury of sleeping a few hours after the sun comes up, a typical colonist’s day started long before the sun came up. And while we can toss a tasty pastry into the toaster and have breakfast minutes after we wake up, back then you had to do the hard work of milking the cow, building the fire, making bread dough from scratch, collecting eggs (if they were laid), and on and on. Imagine all those dishes, with no dishwasher! And just imagine: that’s when the real work began. Baking, cleaning, sewing, cultivating the garden, helping to raise the children, more farming. We’re exhausted just thinking about it, and the toughest thing we did today was sit in rush hour traffic on our way to the office! How they managed, while maintaining such a unique style, is simply amazing.

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