Classic Raya- Raya and the Last Dragon Girls Costume

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From Fierce Enemies to Best FriendsAs the warrior princess of the Heart Tribe, you know that your swordfighting skill is one of your best strengths. After a betrayal by a friend and your father’s transformation into stone, you can’t help but feel that it’s your only strength for banishing the evil Druun from your land forever. It takes meeting the last of the dragons and several wild adventures for you to learn that your ability to trust is really what will save your land and restore peace among all the tribes. Plus, hanging out with new friends is a lot more fun than fighting all the time! Product DetailsBefriend a wisecracking dragbon, unite the five pieces of a magical gem, and save your tribe while wearing this officially licensed Raya and the Last Dragon Classic Raya Girls’ Costume! The one-piece polyester jumpsuit fastens up the center back for easy dressing and is designed to look like three separate pieces of clothing. The torso is printed to resemble a yellow wrap-style shirt, with printed reptile-skin “shrug” detailing on the short sleeves and back. A wide printed belt separates the top graphics from the green pants and the attached boot covers. The included foam hat hat has a wide brim and is designed to look as though it has been woven out of straw. Its sewn-in loops can be strung through a headband or pinned directly to your hair.Return of the DragonDefeating the Druun has done more than bring back the river and the rain. It restored your families, the dragons, and even your friendship with your best friend. Celebrate your victory in style by wearing this costume!

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