Cluckin’ Chicken Costume for Toddlers

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Original Routine ChickenYour silly toddler has been cracking chicken jokes since they heard the classic why did the chicken cross the road? Originals like why did the monkey cross the road? Were answered with because the chicken retired! And gems that really switched things up were thrown in. What do you get when a pig and a chicken bump into each other? Ham and eggs (of course)! The act was starting to get a little old when your fledgling comedian hit you with another round of why did the chicken cross the road? You were ready to answer with the traditional to get to the other side or shock them with to prove they weren’t chicken. But they beat you to it with to go trick-or-treating! It may not have been the most side-splitting of punchlines, but you heard the message loud and clear. Your toddler was ready to take their show on the road for Halloween!Design and DetailsMake sure your little chicken is ready for their Halloween debut with this exclusive Cluckin’ Chicken Costume for toddlers! This Made by Us design starts with a super-soft yellow jumpsuit; the plush material will keep your toddler warm even if their chicken jokes are given an icy reception. When your toddler pulls the attached hood over their ears the soft-sculpted comb and beak and embroidered eyes will fully transform them into the infamous farm animal. Bright orange chicken-feet shoe covers are included with the costume giving your toddler the chance to wear their most comfortable pair of sneakers while they cross the road and trick-or-treat!Wise-Crackin’ ChickenYour toddler can get the entire neighborhood laughing in this fun chicken costume. Whether your toddler is still brushing up on their chicken humor or they’re ready to crack some original one-liners while trick-or-treating, they’ll have everything they need to create a clucking good time!

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