Cowgirl kostume til pige

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Did you hear the news?So we sauntered on out to the horse stable and dusted off a spot on a hale bale to sit and pontificate for a while. And that’s when an old farm hand sauntered by and stopped to offer a tidbit of info. He regaled us with the story of a young cowgirl who had just come into the employ of this here said ranch. He said that she’s the best gosh darned cattle hand he’d ever seen!Things came full circle when we were out walking behind the tool shop just a wee bit later, because that’s when we met her. And, let us say, she’s 100 percent as advertised. Tough, sassy, ready to conquer the wilds and ply her trade as an expert cowgirl. And now comes the kicker! This whole time here, we’ve been talking about your little lady right at home. Because you’re about to dress her in this Girl’s Lasso’n Cowgirl Costume. Yup, it’s just a matter of time before she’s working on the ranch!Design & DetailsShe can get suited up for work in the Girl’s Lasso’n Cowgirl Costume. And then she can head on out to the dude ranch! Or just enjoy some costume fun and take some more time to weight her career options. With a design like this, though, she’s guaranteed to have some serious fun.This detailed costume is Made by Us, handcrafted and designed right in our own costume studios. It comes with a blouse, skirt, bow tie, belt, hat, and gloves! Everything she’ll need for her new employ. The brown shirt has puffed sleeves and the skirt has faux suede fringe for a sweet style. With the western hat and oversized belt buckle, she’ll look the part of a real cattle hand, too!Suit her up for HalloweenSo, like we said, she’ll have the style of a real rancher locked in when she goes in this Lasso’n Girl’s Cowgirl Costume, but that doesn’t mean she has to be in a hurry to start her career. Suit her up for Halloween, and she can go and rustle up all the neighborhood sweets. Giddyup, cowgirl!

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