Dark Nurse Costume for Girls

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Legend of the Haunted HospitalSee that creepy, abandoned building at the end of the lane? If you believe urban legend, it used to be a hospital. Horrible things were done inside its blood-stained walls. It finally closed because so many spooky things happened that they chased all of the doctors and patients away. Don’t believe it? Spend a night inside its walls. You might see a spirit or two who seems much less kindly – and a lot more dead – than your usual nurse. Product DetailsPut the scare in healthcare when you wear your Girls Dark Nurse Costume! The knee-length black dress has a tattered hemline beneath a line of red heartbeat-style graphics. The bodice is decorated with a line of red buttons, and the right side of the chest features a printed white cross framed by blood spatter details. The waist has a sewn-on red sash, and the front of the skirt features a slashed and stained white apron. A black armband sewn with red lace and a spatter-decorated nurse’s cap headband complete your look. This Won’t Hurt a Bit It turns out that getting a shot isn’t the scariest thing in the world… at least not when the person holding the needle is an undead nurse! Even getting your blood pressure checked is terrifying when this lady is in charge. You’re not really sure if she wants you to get better, or she wants to lure you to the other side so that you can haunt the hospital together, but judging from her sinister sneer, it’s probably the second option.

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