Day of the Dead Costume for Girls

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Dia De Muertos If your little girl is looking to add a little culture to her Halloween festivities we have just the thing for her. Ay Dios Mio! Take a look at our very own Day of the Dead Costume for girls! Es Muy Bonita, and will be perfect for your little lady to express her love for this Mexican holiday. With an outfit as lovely and elegant as this one, your little girl will look like a goddess, The Lady of the Dead to be exact. She’s the goddess that Day of the Dead is dedicated to, so in a sense, it would be like Halloween would be dedicated to your kiddo! Roses are Cloth and There’s A LotThe red dress’s bodice and skirt are patterned with faux suede. The dress also has padded shoulders for a classic look. The lower sleeves, pannier, and fabric self-ties are all made of a shiny red satin and make this dress extra classy. To add to the elegance, there is a black lace trim as well as cloth rose accents around the neckline, the sleeves, and also the pannier. Use the back zipper and the button at the base of the neck to nearly complete her Day of the Dead transformation. Then add the finishing touches when she puts on the black lace choker and the extravagant black lace veil decorated with even more cloth roses!Let’s Put a Smile on That FaceDon’t forget to paint a Day of the Dead design on your own youngster’s face when she goes out with this amazing costume this Halloween! After all, The Lady of the Dead has to have a hauntingly elegant presence. This outfit can get her half way there but everyone knows it’s always the face paintings that make or break any Day of the Dead costume!

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