Deluxe Kansas Girl Costume for Toddlers

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Kansas CallingIf your child can’t get enough sunflowers, summer heat, and a bit of severe weather, then this Toddler Deluxe Kansas Girl Costume may just be calling her name! We aren’t exactly sure what it is about Kansas, but it seems to entice the little ones with the promise of a magical journey they will never forget. If your child wants to get swept away into a land of fantasy, thrill, and magical new friendships this Halloween, then this look will transport her instantly. In it, she can imagine she is following a road to meet a mysterious wizard or battling an evil witch. Or she can simply make-believe she works for the Kansas Tourism Board. Hey, toddlers are mysterious creatures themselves! Who are we to say how they should fantasize in this too-cute costume?Design & DetailsOur design team had the classics in mind when they crafted this exclusive costume. It’s made to help your child step right into her favorite Kansas story without missing a beat. It’s a single zip-up dress styled to look like a pinafore over a puff-sleeved white blouse, complete with two large white buttons on the straps. White eyelet underlays the skirt, and an overall blue and white gingham pattern makes this piece pastorally perfect.On the Pup and UpThey say Halloween is just the start of a long holiday season, so why not add a basket and a real puppy to this look and make your kiddo’s Halloween and holiday dreams come true all at once?

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