Fierce Girl’s Lion Costume

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The New Ruler In TownThere are many unruly beasts in the animal kingdom that we little humans must fear and respect. The giant bears rule the forests. The mighty tigers reign in the jungle. Terrifying sharks dominate the oceans. And the fierce lion governs the savanna. Even more than just the vast savanna, the lion is revered as the King of the animal kingdom. Now, your little one can take the throne when they wear this Made By Us Girl’s Fierce Lion costume on Halloween!Your little one can move on from the savanna and extend her authority over the entire neighborhood. On the spookiest day of the year, all the other girls can dress as their favorite pop stars and princesses. Your child, however, will be dressed like the queen of the wild! Every household in town will pay its respects. They will be sure to give her the tastiest pieces of candy they have available. After all, it will be the only way to satisfy her sweet tooth!Product DetailsThis exclusive costume was crafted by our very own designers. The velour jumpsuit has a back zipper that will ensure it fits comfortably and securely. A stuffed tail is attached to the back and it is also decorated with long-pile faux fur on the collar, wrist, and ankle cuffs. The included headband has a pair of adorable stuffed ears sewn on top of it. Complete your little one’s beastly transformation when you give her a quick makeover!

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