Fizzik Princess Bride Costume

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The Hero We NeedDo you have a compulsion to rhyme? Are you the gentle giant type? Do you see the upside to every situation? When you and your friends are stuck in dire straits are you always prepared with a wheelbarrow and a Holocaust cloak? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you’ll make a great Fezzik the giant! We need more people like Fezzik in our world today. No matter how hard you try, it’s difficult to find a friend that’ll have long-winded conversations based on rhyming. He is good-hearted to the core. Who else do you know that is willing to fight half a dozen men in Greenland for charity? It may not have helped him while fighting the man in black but we’re sure it was entertaining to watch. This brings up yet another virtue, this guy is honest. He refuses to do away with the man in black in a less than sportsman-like manner. Wait, is Fezzik, in all reality the true hero of the Princess Bride? After all, if it hadn’t been for him Westley would never have found Buttercup in the tower! Fun DetailsLive up to your heroic giant potential with this licensed Fezzik costume from The Princess Bride. It features the characters shirt, pants, a belt, and a pair of boot tops. The shirt fits over vertically striped navy-blue pants and has ties down the front. Saving the day will come naturally once you belt the shirt with the faux leather band and slip the boot covers over your shoes. So, get ready to storm the Prince’s castle, just remember to stop drop and roll if you try that Holocaust cloak stunt.A Gentle GiantIn the film and in real life, Fezzik was pretty much the best guy anyone could hope to be. Inspire yourself and others for greatness in this licensed character costume.

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