Girls Avatar Korra Costume

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Who’s the Avatar?Every generation brings one who can unite nations and hone the elements. Only the Avatar can master all four elements… and it seems that most incarnations of the Avatar also can command quite the attitude. Korra is perhaps the spunkiest in the whole line and having mastered her Bending talents, she’s sure to be plastered all over the history books. Of course, any Avatar needs a little help with her training and Korra is no different. If only there were a youngster who could command the spirit of the Avatar and bring those Bending lessons to bear! Design & DetailsWord on the street is that your little once can live out their Avatar dreams with this Avatar: The Legend of Korra costume. This girl’s Korra costume is a jersey jumpsuit that zips down the back. A faux suede skirt is sewn to the waistline and features a furry trim as an authentic accent along the skirt and cuffs of the pant. Stretchy cuffs slide up the forearm and over the elbows to complete this iconic animated costume. You’re the Avatar!Add a wig or pair of fighting boots to complete your kiddo’s transformation and live out the next story of Avatar. We have a good feeling you’ll be a natural. And if you’re not, that’s okay — because good things sometimes require practice! Best of all, this cool costume is officially licensed, so you’ll be able to worry more about your training regimen than about what you look like while you’re out there whipping wind and the like.

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