Girl’s Fancy Flamingo Costume Dress

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Beautiful Bird In many ways, the flamingo is the diva of the bird world. All the avians are gorgeous, with colorful plumage and lovely songs, but the flamingo is the only one whose feathers turn a hot pink. Also, they have the cool ability to stand on one leg for long periods of time. That makes them the ballerina of the tropics and further secures their diva status. They’re well-suited for the spotlight! Product DetailsShow off your fabulous feathers when you wear your Fancy Flamingo Costume for Girls! The approximately knee-length dress zips up the center front and is made of amazingly soft pink velour fabric. The front is decorated with a darker pink heart-shaped inset and the dress’s hemline has a band of contrasting light pink faux fur. Each long sleeve features tiers of scalloped pink fabric to simulate wings. The costume’s hood is decorated with a soft-sculpted black beak, embroidered and appliqued eyes, and a stiffened pink fabric “feather” crest. A Visit to the Tropics Are you craving an island getaway? Are the grownups in your life refusing to spring for a blowout vacation to a sandy beach? Put on this flamingo costume instead! It may make you feel as though you’re dipping your talons – um, we mean feet – in the warm ocean surf while you look for shrimp to catch for dinner. Also, there’s a chance that seeing you in this costume will make said grownups also want a vacation. If that’s the case, everybody wins!

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