Girls Sweetheart Cowgirl Costume

220,00 kr.

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Wild West WonderlandEvery little cowgirl dreams of riding into the sunset, lassoing adventures, and being the star of her own wild west story. With this Sweetheart Cowgirl Costume, she can step into a world where the horizon is limitless and every rodeo is an invitation to showcase her spirit.Design & DetailsThis Girls Sweetheart Cowgirl Costume set is made from 100% polyester faux suede, ensuring both comfort and that classic cowgirl look. The vest proudly displays an attached gold badge-a symbol of her stature in the frontier town. But what’s a cowgirl without her trademark skirt? The cowhide print pattern, paired with a fringed hemline, adds a touch of rugged charm.The belt, designed with practicality in mind, easily fastens with a Hook and Loop fastener. And of course, to complete her ensemble, the hat possesses a wire in its brim to maintain its iconic shape, and the bandana can be tied to suit her style.Giddy-Up in StyleWhether she’s headed to a costume party or just indulging in some imaginative play at home, this costume ensures she does it with flair. Riding into the world with her head held high and boots tapping to her own rhythm, this Sweetheart Cowgirl is set to conquer hearts and horizons alike!

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