Girl’s Tropical Parrot Costume Dress

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Bold, Bright, and Ready for FlightYour kid has never been content to fade into the background – she is a star, happiest when shining bright and in the spotlight. Bright colors, bold displays, and daring risks are all in her nature, and you’ve watched her grow from a headstrong toddler to a beautiful leader, a popular trend setter, and a bright light in your family. Don’t you think that your unique kiddo deserves a Halloween costume, then, that matches her stunning personality? Look no further! Your child will be the “squawk” of the neighborhood when she goes trick or treating in this vibrant Kid’s Tropical Parrot Dress Costume! The delight of seeing a real parrot in the wild is captured in this captivating costume, where bright feathers meet gorgeous details to help your child feel like a kind of regal bird queen, princess of the parrots, or the leading lady of the jungle. Trust us, in this costume, your kiddo’s spirits will soar.Design & DetailsCrafted feather by beautiful feather by our in-house design team, this high-quality, exclusive costume is bound to help your child’s high-flying Halloween dreams. The red dress has a sequined bodice and colorful cuffs, as well as a rainbow tail of tulle that trails behind it. The incredible wings boast panels of red, yellow, blue, and green and create incredible plumage worthy of your show-stopper, and the sequined headband holds a delicate parrot head, complete with a beak and more “feathers” of tulle. Feathered FriendsYou know what they say, “birds of a feather flock together,” and this vibrant costume captures your child’s colorful nature. perfectly! It’s like they were made for one another.

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