Jumpsuit Skeleton Costume for Girls

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Set the X-Ray on “High”Time for your annual doctor check-up! For this visit, the nurse will need to update your X-rays to make sure that your bones are healthy. Just step in front of this screen here and ignore that weird humming noise that the machine is making. It’s been that way for a few days, but we’re sure everything’s fine. Ok, all done! So, the good news is that you have great bones. The bad news is that the machine was on a much stronger setting than we thought it was. Product DetailsLook like a walking, talking X-ray when you wear this exclusive Girl’s Skeleton Jumpsuit Costume! The one-piece jumpusit fastens up the back and is made of comfortably stretchy black fabric. It’s printed all over with graphics of a realistic skeleton, including arm and leg bones as well as spine, ribcage, and pelvis. Fainter detail around the midsection makes everyone who sees you think that they can see right through to the back side of your ribs. Skeleton Snack With a costume this realistic, you’d think that any Halloween candy you swallow would instantly fall right through you and land on the ground. Not to worry, though: You’re safe to eat as much sugary goodness as you can hold. Pair this costume with a cool skull mask or some realistic skull makeup for a look that’s as chilling as it is amazing. You won’t want to go back to your coffin – um, we mean your bed – until you’ve gotten every last drop of fun out of this year’s trick-or-treating.

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