Men’s Plus Size Disney Happy Dwarf Costume

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Party TimeEveryone has their particular talents. Some are fantastic at keeping everyone in line. Some have that grumpy demeanor down to perfection. We’ve heard that there might be others who have a knack for singing, tailoring, and one or two more modern folks who rank in online video games or have mastered searching up the perfect meme for any situation. Of course, only one in the kingdom can turn any quiet gathering into a perfect party! That, of course, is none other than Disney’s Happy… and he’s here to turn any humdrum hang into a stylish soiree! Design & DetailsChannel your inner party animal and combine it with the jovial dwarf that we all love. In this officially licensed Plus Size Disney Happy Dwarf costume from Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, you’ll be the hit of the party.Our Made By Us team are happy to bring you this brown shirt with oversized decorative buttons, elbow patches, and this pair of bright blue pants. Stomp to your favorite tune in the boot covers and tip your hat to your friends, too! Just don’t get so excited you toss your hat in the air because you’ll miss the attached white beard a bit! (Then again, Happy gets so excited at a shindig that we could see that happening!)

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