Morton Salt Girl Kids Costume

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TastemakerKids complicate life. Before kids, you spend your free time luxuriating in second cups of coffee and binge-watching Netflix. After kids, there are playdates, extra-curricular activities, and abstract questions that you couldn’t possibly give a straight answer to. Some might look at these changes and be overwhelmed, but now that you’re in it, you see all those complications as flavor. It’s like you were subsisting on bland oatmeal before. Yep, those grocery store tantrums are like a dash of red pepper. Your hours spent on the sidelines of a soccer field while your kid plucks grass out in the field while she’s supposed to be hustling to the goal? That’s the umami flavor of soy sauce. Those cold Saturday mornings spent cuddled up, watching cartoons are delicious grains of brown sugar. Your kiddo is one who makes your life more flavorful and dynamic. Celebrate the flavors she brings with this iconic Morton Salt Girl Costume! Fun Design & DetailsThis licensed Morton Salt Girl costume is Made By Us, which means it was designed by our in-house design team with quality in mind. The featured dress is designed to after the one worn by the little girl that has graced Morton’s salt containers for generations! Neat pleats and buttons decorate the bodice of the dress while the sleeves have a subtle billow that highlights the dress’s retro flair. The dress is topped off with a while umbrella to make your kid’s iconic look complete!Ad CampaignThe Morton Salt Girl has been the face of flavor making since the mid-1900s. We think this officially makes her a foodie icon. Thinking of putting together a tasteful family costume? Pair this with other food mascots. From Captain Crunch to the Kool-Aid Man, you can become the most flavorful family on the block!

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