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The Silver Saucer is CirclingOh boy. See that blip up in the sky? You mighta not thought much about it, but take a closer look. It’s shiny, it’s silver, it’s saucer-shaped. Yup, it’s a UFO! Surprising, but it’s not anything to get all worked up about just yet. Because, we know what’s up. It’s not an alien invasion, it’s just a drop-off. Because the Outer Space Cutie is about to stop by your home!And that’s because we’re gonna set your kiddo up with this Girl’s Outer Space Cutie Costume. This one-of-a-kind costume is a HalloweenCostumes.com original, made and designed right here in our own costume studios. We took notice that alien costumes are a perennial top seller, so we tasked our costume design team with coming up with a few brand new looks. And this is one of our favorite styles!Design & DetailsThis costume comes as a one-piece jumpsuit with long sleeves and pant legs and there’s a skirt section and top attached to create the appearance of an alien dress. The sleeves and legs and in a bright shade of green, to recreate alien skin, and the dress sections come in a shiny polyurethane pink and silver. Matching gloves come with, too, as does an alien antenna headband. You can finish the costume style with a silver wig as we have it pictured, and you can use green face paint to complete her green alien appearance. (Accessories sold separately.)An Outer Space SuperstarThis Girls Outer Space Cutie Costume will have her dressed to be an outer space superstar. We’re not sure exactly what kind of adventures your girl will undertake here on planet earth, but we are sure that when she teams up with friends and family in ET costumes, the fun is sure to be multiplied. Be sure to check out all of our costumes to coordinate an out-of-this-world theme!

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