Panda Hooded Jacket Costume for Girls

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A PANDA-BULOUS TRANSFORMATIONLegends tell of mystical monks from hidden realms that have studied since ancient times to understand the way of nature, to find that perfect inner peace and sense of self-understanding. By seeing that they are both unique and also part of the entire world, they come to find a deeper comprehension of their place in the universe. Once attaining this ultimate enlightenment, they can let go of the trappings of their human form and draw from those of the animals.Such an amazing shapeshifting requires decades – perhaps centuries – to fully master. That’s probably why we don’t see too many animal hybrids running around these days. But, there are always ways to achieve that sense of balance and insight a little faster. Things that help a young mind that isn’t already trapped into banal thinking and can get them to that place of greater wisdom in a fraction of the time!DESIGN & DETAILSAssist your kid in leaping forward several decades in their transformative training when you suit them up in this exclusive Panda Hoodie for girls! Our costume designers sought out the monks and survived their grueling trials and came back with the divine inspiration for this faux fur coat in perfect panda style. Your kiddo will love zipping up in the black arms and white torso thanks to the rib knit sleeve cuffs and hugging waistband. But, it is the hood featuring sewn ears and the tail on the back of the jacket that will have everyone else going, “Aww!”ADORABILITY HIDDEN UP THE SLEEVEYour girl is probably already pretty cute, but it is always possible to make things even better. With a quick flourish of a jacket and a draw of the hood, your tyke can instantly transform from adorable kid to mystical marvel with this Kid’s Panda Hooded Jacket.

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