Pastel Dragon Girl’s Costume

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Til butik


Heroes, Beware! Have you seen any adventuring nights heading this way? Tell them not to waste their time. They all want to fight their first dragon so that they can earn their hero status and go home covered in glory, but that’s not going to happen. For one thing, this dragon isn’t bothering anyone. She hasn’t set fire to any towns or kidnapped any princesses – in fact, she’s best friends with all the local royalty. And her sweet appearance belies the fact that she’s pretty much invincible. Product DetailsHave a magical Halloween when you wear this exclusive Pastel Dragon Costume for Girls! The long-sleeved jumpsuit zips up the front and is made of soft blue and purple velour. A shiny pink inset is sewn over the torso to resemble a dragon’s underbelly. A long, stuffed tail sewn with shiny fabric spikes is sewn to the jumpsuit’s seat and stuffed pink wings are attached over the shoulder blades. Both the attached gloves and foot covers are decorated with shiny fabric “claws.” The costume hood features a stuffed snout, appliqued eyes, stuffed horns, and pink frills. Dragon Lore If you’re planning to turn into a dragon, you’ll need to prep a little bit. It’s best to figure out ahead of time what kind of magic you’ll wield, whether that’s the ability to freeze your foes or to turn everything into cotton candy. Having some kind of lair is also a good idea. And don’t forget your hoard! Most dragons prefer to stockpile treasure, but don’t be afraid to be a little unconventional. Trick-or-treat candy makes a splendid hoard.

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