Peasant Top Queen of Hearts Sexy Costume For Adults

440,00 kr.

Til butik


QUEEN OF HEARTSAre you feeling lucky? We’d hope so if you plan on being the Queen of Hearts! She might sport a heart in her name and on her clothes, but she seems to lack one on an emotional level. That would explain why everything always seems to result in “Off with their head!”. Working for the Queen of Hearts would be one stressful gig. If you so much as spill her morning tea, you have all but forfeited your right to have a head in her eyes. Unfortunately for you, this has made you a less than likable character in some of your subject’s eyes. We think that you can expect a certain amount of treachery from some of them throughout your reign. At this point, we don’t think there is any turning back on your head taking policy. If you catch these traitors, it had better mean off with their heads! FUN DETAILS Your costume will come in the form of a dress, decorated with this Queens favorite card! There are cards all along the red skirt, which has black lace serving as an underlayer. The front of the dress laces up and the back zips up to secure it in place. The dress’s black sleeves are made to be worn off the shoulder and are held in place with elastic. Lastly, we’ve included the neckpiece. The neckpiece adds to your sense of royalty and is trimmed in glitter. It also helps to protect your neck, in case anyone thought they might try and go off with YOUR head. EVIL QUEENWe think that it is best for you to remember your character while you are in costume. You might not be well liked, but you don’t need to be if you are feared. Keep taking heads, and you should be okay.

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